Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Circle Game - Blocks 3 and 10

These past few days I've turned my attention back to the circle game.

This is a project that a friend and I have been working on together, but I had a little catching up to do.  I had foolishly left all of the appliqued circles until the end.  Not recommended!  Though, the good thing in all of this is I finally remembered how to applique. :)

These blocks have been quite the *growth* experience for us.  We started our quilts roughly two years ago and were confident we could handle machine piecing a pattern designed for hand piecing...  As we near the end of this quilt, I'm glad to report - Yes we can!  But there were definitely some sticky points along the way.

One of the things I love about working on this quilt with a friend, besides the great company, is seeing just how much fabric choices can impact a pattern.  We've both gone in quite different directions from the pattern.

Block 10 - my friend's
I finally got that centre circle in and the block is officially done!

Block 3 - my friend's
A close up of one of the blocks completed before I started this blog.

Both of these blocks were simple to make.  Lots of straight lines, even if the end results was a circle. 

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