Thursday, 28 July 2016

2016 Quilting Resolutions - Mid Year Review

Back in January, Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl hosted a link-up for our 2016 Quilting Goals and I couldn't resist joining in.  Well, she has now posted a mid year review to check in and see how we're all doing.

  1. End the year with 10 fewer UFOs than I started it with.
    Lots of these half finished projects are holding me back from tackling new projects.  My sewing space would have so much more functional room if they weren't hanging around and they nag when I work on something new.  I'm tired of it.  In 2015 many of the UFOs went out the door to better homes and now I'm left with the ones that I still want to make.  However, I'd like to make them while I still want to make them.  Getting rid of some of the UFOs and fabrics (I also purged the fabric stash) made me sad, it was disheartening to remember how excited I was when I started the projects and to see how much I just did not like them now.  I'd like to spend my time on projects while I sill love them.
    Doing Well!
    Six quilts from the list have been finished!  I also removed a few more projects that I decided would never be finished.
    I started the year off with 32 UFOs on the list and as of today I have 22 remaining.  So the goal has already been met!  Here's to keeping up the momentum and knocking a few more off the list.
  2. Start a blog.
    Yes, got an early start on this one. :)  I just couldn't hold off and wait for a date on the calendar.
  3. Join in the blog fun.
    I started the blog to participate in the blog world; it just looks so fun.  So, I'd like to join in on some of the link-ups and quilt-alongs.  However, I'm hoping to hold off from joining in swaps (see item #1)
    In Progress.
    This one is a bit of a mixed bag.  I've found a few link-ups to participate in but I underestimated a few things going on so the blog went silent for a few months.  Oops.  There are one or two quilt-alongs I've been tempted by and now that I met goal #1, I might just give in...

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Wool Candle Mat

This was the UFO that doubled as a brand new start.

I had this kit sitting around for a number of years but never started it.  This year, not only did I start it, but I finished it!  I haven't worked with wool much but it was fun.  It's novel to work with materials that don't fray and don't need seam allowances.

A friend of mine had a little votive holder and electric candle sitting about.  She passed it along and it was perfect to finish off this little mat.

Have you worked much with wool?  What have your experiences been like?  Any recommendations?

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Q3 FAL - Goals

While I failed miserably at following up with blog posts sharing all of the finishes (Still catching up but almost done!) it was really helpful to pull my thoughts together and come up with goals for the quarter.  So once again, I'm linking up with the Q3 goal setting festival.  Hopefully this time, not only will I finish things but I'll share them in a timely fashion...

Soaring Complements
This quilt was started way too many years ago.  The top was completed in a weekend and has sat there waiting for quilting ever since.  Actually, this was the quilt that made me realize that my piecing skills had developed quite a bit but my quilting skills hadn't (I pretty much only did stitch in the ditch and a few weak hearted attempts at stippling at this point)  So that weekend became the point where I started learning how to quilt so I could actually finish this one. 

This one is a repeat from Q2.  I started on it but then my machine's tension acted up.  UGH!  I'm hoping I have the tension issues fixed and after a little quality time with the seam ripper, I'll be ready to start again.

Nearly Insane
Another quilt that has been basted for a year or two waiting for quilting inspiration.  I've made a decision! and now it's time to get quilting.

This is another repeat from Q2.  I've started on it, working on the stitch in the ditch between the blocks.  I have a couple of ideas that all require stitch in the ditch between the blocks; I'm hoping that a decision will be made by the time I get to the end of this step.

Teeny Tiny Blue Tuesday
This is another quilt started ages ago.  Though at least this one isn't basted and waiting for quilting. :)  This one needs the borders and then it's ready for quilting...

This is another repeat from Q2.  Nothing was done on it last quarter but hopefully this quarter will see results.

This is another repeat from Q2.  I managed to finish the embroidery on it and have an idea on how to finish it, so this quarter I'm aiming for 100% done.

Tomten Table Runner
A new project for this quarter!  Since the embroidery is finished on Valkommen, I wanted to add another one to the line up.  I figured this one is perfect since nothing says Christmas like 30C weather. :)  I doubt it will be finished this quarter but I have hopes for the end of the year.

If you'd like to see what others are focusing on this quarter - check out the 2016 FAL link-up.

Blue Dancers

Another finish to share!

This quilt is called Blue Dancers - after the fabric used in the stars.  If you look closely you can see Degas inspired ballet dancers in the blue fabric.

I kept the quilting very simple on this one.  I didn't want to obscure the pattern in the blue fabric.  Plus I wanted to keep it a soft cuddly quilt.  (It's crib size)

Here is the back.  Again not pieced!  (What is the world coming to?)  This was a fabric purchased years and years ago on a road trip.  It has little strawberries and ladybirds all over it.  I thought it'd be adorable for the back.

This quilt even made an appearance at the local quilt show.  

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Blue, Green, and Red Table Runner

The table runner is finally done!  This one has been basted for more years than I care to admit to.  It's even been partially quilted.  I had done orange peel quilting around the inner border of squares.  Then I got stuck...

I had visions of feathers for this quilt - something I *still* can't do.  (Though my practice pieces are slowly showing signs of improvement.)  In the end I stuck with the circle theme and quilted more orange peel style circles in the outer border.

The centre of the table runner was supposed to have appliqued holly berries but I thought it made the table runner a little too seasonal.  So I went with cross hatching; which turned into more of a diamond design.
Here is the back of the quilt and it's not pieced! <gasp>  This fabric was purchased 10 - 15 years ago for binding a quilt.  Back then I had no clue how much I needed and for whatever reason didn't think to figure it out before buying.  I bought a little *way* too much and have used this fabric in many quilts since.  (Good thing I really like it)  I'm actually getting to the end of this fabric and feeling a little sad - it's been such a loyal contributor to several favourite quilts.

Here is a close-up of the back.  I think it shows the quilting I was attempting to describe a little better.

Do you have quilts that sit partially quilted?  Or once you start the quilting process, does it just flow?

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Circle Game

The quilt top is done!

This is The Circle Game by Jen Kingwell.  My friend and I have spent the past few years working on this quilt each time we get together to sew.  It's been so much fun working on this together, seeing the impact such different fabric choices have on the quilt and, on several occasions, being moral support for each other as we ran into difficulties.  This one is hers if you want to check it out.

We both adapted the pattern a bit.  Neither of us stuck with the original border - it just didn't work with our fabric choices.

Plus we changed a few blocks:
This block was intended as a substitute for the simple striped block.  It stuck out a little as it was quite plain in comparison with the other more elaborate blocks. 

This block was created as my friend was adding 4 extra blocks to her quilt and I had one that I just couldn't get to not be a *bowl*.  After my third attempt, I gave up and created this instead.

I had a lovely stack of blues to make use of; so before I lost steam with this quilt (still have no idea how I want to quilt it!) I pulled the back together.

So now everything is ready to go as soon as quilting inspiration strikes.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to quilt it?