Monday, 27 June 2016

Starry Night

I've been working on a few quilts in the background as enders-and-leaders.  Generally these quilts are a wonderful way to use up those leftovers from other projects and prevent a huge unused pile of scraps from growing and taking over the sewing area.  My plan for these quilts is charity quilts.

The call went out for quilts for Fort Mac after so much of the town was destroyed by fire and I wanted to contribute, so I chose the quilt that was the closet to done and got to work.

I've had quite the pile of black fabrics building up so I turned them into a modified jelly roll race.  I was making great progress until I did a few calculations and realized that I was going to run short.  I didn't have enough fabric!  I put out a call to my guild and got a great response.  Thanks to fabric donations from Liz, Jean (of the no-blog crowd), Sherry, Judy, and Janet I had enough black fabric to create this pile you see below.

Above you see the long strip ready to sew.  I sat down at the machine to sew the first seam and sewed and sewed and sewed, then ran out of thread, changed it, and sewed a little more.  Almost TWO hours later, I was finished that first seam.  I *really* didn't expect it to take that long but when I measured that first seam, things made a little more sense.  That first seam was 3.3 km long!

Fortunately that next seam only took an hour.

And here is the finished top!  I love how it turned out.  It actually turned out how I imagined it would in my mind (not something that always happens.)  I threw in yellow squares at random - I was hoping the quilt would resemble the night sky.

And here is a close-up of the quilt top.  I love looking at all the different scraps and remembering the projects they were used in or the friends they came from.

This top is now off to one of the many quilters who have volunteered to quilt tops for Fort Mac.  Then it will be making it's way to someone who has spent so much time displaced from their homes - I hope it will bring them a little joy during such a difficult time.

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  1. It DOES look like the night sky! Very neat quilt top. It looks like most of the black strips weren't full WOF, is that right? So there's lots more variety than a conventional jelly roll race where the strips are right off the roll?