Sunday, 19 March 2017

Daily Threads - Week 2

It's funny, one thread a day doesn't seem like much.  Yet I've made more progress on this table runner in the past two weeks than I have since I started it.  It's amazing what a stitch here and there throughout the day can accomplish. 

As a refresher - this is what it looked like last week:

And here it is now!  The letters are in satin stitch, that always takes a little lot more thread than stem stitch does.  Once I get back to the stem stitch part it will probably feel like it's moving at warp speed.

Linked up at Slow Stitching Sunday.


  1. You are really moving along... you got the whole centre tree done!
    Enjoy your stitching today!

  2. So darling! I'm finding the same, just a few stitches a day really adds up, and I enjoy it so much.

  3. I love following your progress! Glad you did a "before and after" picture! Looks gorgeous!

  4. Wow, you've made lovely progress on this! And you're so right. It's amazing what a few minutes stitching, every day, can accomplish! :)