Wednesday, 15 March 2017


This table runner was finished last summer.  It says "Welcome".  It was one of several embroidery projects I've picked up when visiting family in Sweden. 

A friend of mine has the most interesting way of counting how long a project has taken to complete.  In the case of this table runner, it took 12 years and 3 months.  The 12 years is how long ago it was started and the 3 months is how long it actually took to finish when I finally picked it up again.

Here are a couple of close-ups.  

The table runner only uses two stitches - stem stitch and satin stitch.  This was my first project with satin stitch; my late grandmother was the one who sat down with me to teach me. My work is still not up to her standards, but it is improving.  (Being honest here - I'm showing you close-ups of the side I finished with and *not* the side I started with for a reason :)  

Now whenever I sit down to do embroidery, I remember that trip with the evenings spent visiting with my grandmother and learning to stitch. 

Where did you learn your crafty skills?  Was it something passed on in your family or are you the role model in your family?


  1. That is a beautiful table runner!! I bet you know from whom I learned my formidable embroidery skills 😜

  2. This is really gorgeous -- your satin stitching looks terrific! What a beautiful heirloom piece! :)