Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Distractions, Distractions

Well, instead of working on the quilt I should be working on, I've been quilting away on my January goal quilt.  Slowly making progress.  I've been quilting one colour at a time, just to avoid constantly changing threads.  This idea was great in theory but the quilt is fairly densely quilted; now that I'm nearing the end and more of the quilt is quilted, I'm thinking I should have started in the centre and quilted out.  The quilt has become much less squishy and quilting these last few colours is getting tricky.

This quilt back is primarily not pieced and I'm loving the secondary pattern that the quilting is creating.

My quilt guild had a sew day this weekend and both of my projects were a little too big to be dragging out to a sew day, so I abandoned it all to start something new!  (Not really)  I cut fabric for the back of the circle game quilt.  Normally I cut a few minutes here and a few minutes there and it feels like cutting takes no time at all..  The sew day taught me that's not true!  At all!  This pile is fewer than 200 pieces and it took the *entire* day to cut.

This week also brought with it a special treat.  A friend was giving a talk on antique quilts at her guild and invited us to it.  She is a great story teller and below you can see many of the quilts she shared with us.  I wish I had close ups to show you, but I was too busy visiting... 

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  1. I love the colours you're using and how the density of your quilting leaves a lovely design on the back of your quilt. Please keep us up on your circle game quilt! Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday.

  2. I bet it is taking a lot longer quilting a different color in each block. But it does look nice that way, and I agree, the back is great. With the different colors, it is like you are creating a new fabric there.

  3. It's a fun quilt - I hope the quilting works out!

  4. Fun quilting--it looks pretty cool on that backing fabric! I'm having major regret that I never bought any of it.

  5. Great quilting, looks fabulous on the back! Good tip about starting in the centre.

  6. Love your backing fabric and the colourful quilting! The back will be enjoyed as much as the front :) And I agree about cutting - I usually cut here and there and was overwhelmed the last time I cut for a whole quilt at once!