Friday, 8 January 2016

Q1 FAL - Goals

The quarterly Finish A-Long continues for another year.  Yeah!

In addition to the works already in progress, I'd love to get a few UFOs off the list.

The solids quilt.
It's been basted and ready for quilting for about 18 months  Maybe it's time to quilt it....
I'm hoping to get this quilt finished this quarter.

Circa 1934 charm pack quilt.
I have a bit of a charm pack addiction and started playing with HSTs to see how many different quilts I could make with just one block.
I'm hoping to get this quilt finished this quarter.

French General charm pack quilt
Another quilt that came our of the charm pack addiction.
I'm hoping to get this quilt finished this quarter.

The Circle Game
This is a quilt that a friend and I have spent the past year or so working on together.  I have one block left to finish and a few centres to applique.
I consider this one a bonus project and while I would love to finish it; I'd be thrilled if I can finish off the blocks.

This is an embroidery project I picked up when I was visiting family a number of years ago.
This is another bonus project and anything I can get done on this is good.


  1. Solids, triangles, circles and embroidery...! Enjoy your Q1 finishes!

  2. The HST quilts are very nice,I like the circa 1934 one. And embroidery is always nice to pick up once in a while.

  3. Such lovely projects - I wouldn't know which to start first! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  4. Love your list! Those charm pack quilts are my favorites ~ what size are they going to be? Good luck on this quarter!!

  5. Wow, all hand embroidered? That is amazing. Good luck making progress with it. It is beautiful already.

  6. I love your solids quilt and have spotted some (fabulous!) quilting on it in a later post! Good luck with your list!