Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Quilt Backs

Now that the quilt top is together it's time to move on to the back!

Philosophical question of the day...  Do you piece your backs?

I do.  I find it to be a great way to make use of the stash.  When I started quilting, I would buy a coordinating fabric for the back.  Then, I made this fabulous quilt.  It used a beautiful and distinctive fabric and the leftovers lingered in the stash for ages.  Any time I tried to use it, it made quilts look like that first quilt.  Thus began the start of a stash with pieces that were incredibly distinctive and repetitive.  To combat this growing problem, I started piecing backs.

Here is the start of the latest quilt back.  This pile represents many hours of cutting and is a grand total of 450 rectangles.

And after a few hours of chain piecing, here is a lovely pile of sewing well on it's way to becoming blocks.

I have no enders and leaders to show you, but I do have my last finishes of 2016.  (Just realized that these were not shared - bad blogger!)

We had a couple of people in the guild that wanted to learn how to do foundation paper piecing, so for our last meeting of the year we made little paper pieced stockings.  

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  1. Those little stockings are so cute! I sometimes piece my backs, but mostly by just adding a row of blocks to make the backing material longer or wider.

  2. I don't piece my backs. I did one but didn't get it lined up with the top and it looked terrible after quilting.

    I love your mini quilts. That's a lot of work to get such small pieces to line up so well. Your work is lovely.

  3. That's going to be an awesome quilt back!

  4. Can't wait to follow your progress on the quilt back. The stockings are adorable. Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday.

  5. I don't usually piece the backs. SOmetimes I'll had a strip if I have any leftover fabric I know I won't use for another project.

  6. I prefer snuggly quilts so I use polar fleece for backs. Your stocking are so cute.

  7. Wow, you SERIOUSLY piece your back Catherine! It must make the quilt all the more wonderful!

  8. Wow, you SERIOUSLY piece your back Catherine! It must make the quilt all the more wonderful!